Environmental Policy

Rex Hotel has been granted to reach the standard of a five-star hotel, a complex including 286 rooms, 5 restaurants & bars, 1 garden, a bingo club, a health club, well appointed banqueting venues and ballrooms, world recognized designer brand-names shopping mall and underground parking areas.

Being conscious of the environment aspects, Rex Hotel only aims to provide quality services for its guest, but is also committed to taking appropriate measures for pollution prevention and resources conservation. Therefore the hotel is implementing an Environmental Management System accordingly to ISO 14001 and our efforts are addressed to the following principles:

  • The Hotel is committed to complying with all local environmental legislation and other requirements and continuously seeks to improve its environmental performance.
  • The Hotel management and staff understand and support the Environmental Policy and are committed to continuous improvement of environmental performance by identifying ways to minimize both wastage of natural resources and pollution to the environment.
  • The Hotel will take appropriate measures to eliminate environmental, occupational and health risk and prepared to respond to emergencies at all time.
  • The Hotel will support purchasing initiatives that are committed to sustainable environmental development, and continuously seek environmentally friendly products and services. The Hotel will encourage and influence its suppliers to take part environmental protection initiatives, and to understand its purchasing policy, and to provide products and services that have the minimum adverse impact on the environment.
  • The Hotel will carry out regular internal programs of education and training to enhance environmental awareness amongst staff. The Hotel will also actively participate in external environmental activities, as well as various training and development programs, to broaden its horizon.